Welcome to Spice of Wickedness!

This site was originally started in January 2012 as the blog for my photography site.  Since I am primarily a music photographer, I wanted to post about the music I like, and the bands I shoot.

And here we, several years and various designs later, still with the same purpose.  This is where I share the bands I like, and the bands I shoot.  Except now I am adding more.

Long ago, I wrote about horror films and video releases for a friend’s magazine.  After that, I wrote about pop culture stuff on Live Journal, and covered as many conventions as I could.  I have been writing about film and tv and pop culture longer than I have been writing about music, but I felt that that coverage had no place on this blog.

But being that this is my blog,  I have decided to stop limiting myself.  In addition to concert photography, music videos and new music, I will be adding pop culture and convention coverage.

I also will be adding a new column, The Broke Photographer’s Guide to Concert Photography.  I was discouraged from shooting shows for many years because my gear wasn’t good enough, and by many standards, my gear still isn’t good enough.  I am going to share what I know about breaking into concert photography when you can’t afford the “right” gear.  I will also teach you some post-processing tips to make your photos look their best.

Thank you for visiting my site, and for taking the time to read this.  Please feel free to comment or use the contact page to reach out privately.  I want to share my favorite photos and my favorite bands, and now, my favorite photography tips with you.   Let me know what you want to see here.

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  • Wonderful to read your bio, Kathy!
    I mentioned that we may’ve passed each other eons ago. 🙂

    Recently, I’m becoming more portrait oriented with my work. I enjoy having a one to one connection with who I photograph, of which I don’t get as much when shooting gigs. I SO love music and attending concerts (on that rare occasion), but it’s a different crowd and seeing those cell phones up makes me cringe so I try to avoid those crowds somehow.

    Keep up the great work and may be we’ll see each other at a show with or without our cameras. Stay in touch!